Implant Supported Bridge

When disease or trauma leads to multiple missing teeth an implant supported bridge may be an excellent option to fill the space. A large gap prevents proper chewing, puts strain on adjacent teeth, the jaw joint and could potentially lead to excessive wear of the remaining teeth that must now bear the load of chewing.

With further bone recession the teeth are prone to sensitivity and decay. Before and implant can be placed the site is prepared to receive an implant. Once ready the implants can be placed in the jaw.

Healing caps are placed on top of the implants to allow for the bone and gums to heal around the implant for several months. On a return appointment the healing caps are removed and impression copings are screwed into place and an impression of the lower jaw is taken. This impression will help to create a permanent bridge for the implants.

The impression copings are removed and the healing caps replace the copings until the next appointment. The healing caps are removed and abutments inserted, the bridge is then permanently cemented into place.