Children’s Dentistry

Dental health is important for people of all ages, including young children.

Baby teeth are very important in the healthy development of the child’s mouth. If these teeth are lost prematurely, it can cause major problems with the positioning of the child’s adult teeth. Baby teeth, like adult teeth, can become decayed and subsequently infected.  If cavities are detected at an early stage, simple fillings can be performed.  If left too late, more invasive treatment such as root canals or extractions may be required.  Dental problems in baby teeth cannot always be ignored, as some baby teeth will be retained for many years. In fact, some baby teeth are not lost until the child is up to 13 -14 years old.


When should my child visit the dentist?

Generally a child should first visit the dentist from the age of 2.  The earlier your child visits, the less fearful they are likely to become.  It is much kinder on your child to have them attend regularly for simple examinations and become familiar with the dental office and staff, than to have them attend the dentist for the first time with a sore tooth that requires invasive treatment.  It is also important to for children to have regular check ups, as that is when children will learn how to care for their teeth and their dental health.  These lessons are extremely important and will last a lifetime.


Why see us for your children’s dental care?

  • Our dentists have a friendly, gentle and calming manner and are genuinely interested in looking after the dental health of children
  • Our auxiliary staff are also caring, gentle and approachable
  • Televisions on the wall and ceiling in our surgeries showing childrens shows help keep your child calm and entertained
  • Stickers, toothbrushes and prizes for the children are given at the end of each appointment to help promote enthusiasm about their dental visits