Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)

Since 1 January 2014, the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) has been providing improved access and financial support for basic dental services to eligible children. The benefits for basic dental services is $1000 per eligible child over two consecutive calendar years. This amount may then be renewed every two years.

At Redcliffe Smiles believe accessing the CDBS should made easy. And in support, all services provided under the schedule will be bulk billed (no out of pocket costs) until the $1000 limit is reached for the relevant period.

Dental treatment is important for all your family and we believe in the importance of establishing good oral hygiene practices from an early age.

  • To be eligible for CDBS, a child must be:
    aged between 2 and 17 for at least one day of the calendar year
  • eligible for medicare and
  • for at least one day of the calendar year receive an Australian government payment such is Family tax benefit Part A, Abstudy, youth allowance etc.

Benefits cover a range of services, including examinations, x-rays, cleaning, fissure sealing, fillings, root canals and extractions.

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    You can also visit the Medicare CDBS website for more information: