Bridges are one of several options available in the unfortunate situation where a tooth has been lost. A bridge replaces a missing tooth by suspending a false tooth from the natural teeth adjacent to the space. Crowns are made to fit over these adjacent teeth, and the false tooth is attached to these crowns to create the bridge. A bridge can be used to replace more than one tooth and may require more than two anchors, depending on the individual’s dentition. Our dentists will be able to assess your teeth carefully and tailor a treatment plan to suit your needs should you be considering a bridge.

The importance of a bridge extends far beyond maintaining the aesthetics of a smile. The loss of a tooth can result in the remaining teeth shifting. When the natural alignment of teeth is disrupted, problems can be created, such as masticatory (chewing) difficulties and plaque/food traps, which may predispose your teeth to decay and infection. Loss of a tooth can also lead to overeruption or lengthening of teeth opposing the missing tooth.

We use a wide range of materials to match your individual needs.