The most common causes of dental injuries include falling over, being hit in the face or having a sports-related accident. A mouthguard acts to absorb the force delivered to the mouth and minimize the damage caused. This could mean the difference between healthy, undamaged teeth and painful, chipped or lost teeth, bruising or laceration injuries to the tongue and inner cheeks caused by teeth.

The Australian dental association recommends the use of a custom fitted mouthguard for anyone participating in an activity where there is a risk of contact to the face. A good fitting guard is not only more comfortable but it provides better protection and is less likely to fall out. Being less bulky means less impediment to breathing and infield communication. All of this ultimately means that they are more likely to to be used!

During an appointment, your dentist will take an impression (or a mould) of your teeth. This is then sent to one of our local partnered dental laboratories to be crafted. Mouthguards can be made from the colour of your choice and can even be multi-coloured to match your team’s colours. As with all custom made items, we ensure it fits properly over your teeth before handing over the finished product, care instructions and container included.

If you’re ready to take your game to the next level, then ask our team how you can get your own, custom fitted mouthguard.