Extractions + wisdom teeth

Although our goal is to preserve and maintain the health of natural teeth, there are instances where extraction, or removal of a tooth, is necessary. In most instances this is a last resort to prevent disease spreading from one tooth to another or when a tooth is beyond saving. Should this occur, a bridge or implant may be necessary to maintain appropriate alignment and functionality of the affected area. All of these options will be discussed prior to any treatment commencing. Our dentists will always discuss with you why they consider this last resort necessary.

An exception is the active surveillance and preemptive management of impacted wisdom teeth. As we grow through young adulthood, so too do our wisdom teeth. While most develop uneventfully, occasionally they can cause grief. Our dentists can regularly monitor their progress until the age at which most problems occur, has passed. Regular monitoring also allows treatment before complications arise. These include pain, infection, possible crowding of the dentition and decay of either the wisdom tooth itself or of the adjacent molar.

Occasionally, patients will be referred on to an oral surgeon should a particular problem present unexpected complexities. Our dentists at Redcliffe smiles are well experienced and will never take unnecessary risks. Although at times it may seem inconvenient to be referred to a specialist, we choose to always prioritize your well being and will refer you when it is in your best interest.

Ask us how our dentists can manage your wisdom teeth.