Alternative to Root Canal

When tooth decay is left unchecked and untreated the bacteria in decay can advance through the protective layers of the tooth and lead to infection of the nerve and blood supply.

As the bacteria multiply inside the tooth they continue to do so right into the canals that run inside the roots.

When the infection spreads all the way past the ends of the roots of the tooth, the pus filled pocket called an abscess can form in the jawbone that surrounds the root. The acutely abscessed tooth leads to severe dental pain.

If extraction is chosen as the treatment option instead of a root canal, consideration should be given to replacing the missing tooth in order to avoid the potentially damaging movement of the surrounding teeth. These teeth become more challenging to clean as well, leading to more build-up of plaque and calculus and potential root decay.

If the extraction site were to be restored with a non-removable option like a dental implant the cost to have extracted and then replace the tooth would have made the root canal a more cost-effective option.