Take Home Whitening

A popular cosmetic procedure offered by your dentist is the enhancement of the colour of your teeth with bleaching agents.  Tooth enamel is made of rod like crystalline structure.

The pores areas in between the rods contain organic material that becomes stained.  Substances like juice, coffee, tea, dark cola; red wine and even certain antibiotics can cause the teeth to stain.

Take home bleaching kits in the dental office generally use carbamide peroxide which when added to a custom made whitening tray reacts with water to form hydrogen peroxide.

The custom made tray when seeded on the teeth allows the gel to adapt closely to them.  The hydrogen peroxide produce highly reactive molecules that then break down the coloured compounds that have stained the teeth.

Results can be quite remarkable leaving you with a brighter, whiter smile than can be enhanced by several degrees of colour without any lasting damage to your teeth.